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I co-edited a book, available open access

Urban Art:
Creating the Urban with Art

Proceedings of the International Conference
at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 15-16 July, 2016

Edited by Ulrich Blanché and Ilaria Hoppe

Published July 2018 - ISBN: 978-989-97712-8-4

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Urban Art. Creating the Urban with Art was a conference at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in 2016. The aim of the conference and this publication is to discuss “urban art” in its broadest sense: as an umbrella term, that encompasses a great variety of creative expressions in the urban environment on a global scale. The broad implications of the term “urban art” allow summarizing very different outcomes, styles, media, and techniques ranging from illegal graffiti writing to performative, participatory and architectonical interventions from stickers to legal murals and so forth. In this way urban art as a concept exceeds the common notion  of commercial indoor street art and graffiti and enlarges the perception of the visual and unsanctioned forming of the public sphere. The 16 papers and 2 introductions from researchers of 10 different countries and disciplines are divided in five sections – 1) Public or Urban Art? On Terminology, 2) Digital Media & the Urban (Art), 3) Affect & Performance, 4) Territories and 5) Urban Imaginary & The City.

For hard copy paper based book purchase visit the link: - Urban Art - Creating the Urban With Art
Book contents:

Ulrich Blanché 
Ilaria Hoppe
Frank Eckardt  ________________ The Virtual City 

On Terminology
Johannes Stahl  _______________  Some Defining Aspects in Graffiti, Street Art, and Urban Art 
Pedro Soares Neves ____________ Urban or Public Art?
Minna Valjakka ________________ Beyond Artification: De/Reconstructing Conceptual - Frameworks and Hierarchies of Artistic and Creative Practices in Urban Public Space

Digital Media & The Urban (Art)
Meltem Sentürk Asildeveci     _______  The Embedded Digital Realm in Urban Space
Katja Glaser  ____________________ Notes on the Archive: About Street Art, QR Codes, and Digital Archiving Practices
Annette Urban ___________________ Spatial and Media Connectivity in Urban Media Art

Affect & Performance
Agnieszka Gralinska-Toborek ______ Art of Serenity: Aesthetic Function of Humor in Street Art
Susan Hansen ___________________ Street Art as Process and Performance: The Subversive “Streetness” of Video-Documentation
Elisabeth Friedman / Alia Rayyan  __ Re/Viewing Jerusalem: Political Art Interventions in Occupied East Jerusalem

Peter Bengsten __________________ Street Art and the Nature of the City
Jovanka Popova _________________ Where (Not) to Go? The General Intellect between the Precarious and Resistance
Henrik Widmark __________________ The Visual Culture of Football Supporters: The Borderland of Urban Activism and Art

Urban imaginary & the City
Johnanna Elizabeth Sluiter     ________ The Man in the Street: Shadrach Woods and the Practice of “Pedestrian” Urbanism
Pamela C. Scorzin  _______________  Urban Art by osa as a Laboratory: New Approaches to Urban Architecture, City Planning, and Community Building
Renée Tribble ____________________ From Urban Interventions to Urban Practice, An Alternative Way of Urban Neighborhood Development

Urban Nation ____________________ The Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art 
Jens Besser _____________________“Works without future perspective […] are fast interventions without impact”- or the idea of a travelling Urban Art Library to document the development of contemporary muralism
Urban Creativity _________________  International Research Topic