Dienstag, 24. Mai 2016

Paper about Haring in Lisbon

16,17 and 18, June 2016 I will be in Lisbon at the 2016 edition of the Lisbon Urban Creativity conference and the second volume of the Journal of the same name.
I will give a paper about Keith Haring called "Keith Haring - a Street Artist? ".

June 17
15h00 – 15h30 Panel 6
Ulrich Blanché - Keith Haring - a Street Artist?

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Since about 2000 Street Art is an art movement. Before that only a handful of artists did what we call Street Art in 2016. One of them was Keith Haring. But to what extent is Keith Haring in retrospect a Street Artist? Using the example of Haring's subway chalk drawings (ca. 1980-85) and one of his public murals, called “Crack is Wack” (1986), I discuss concepts such as Street Art, Graffiti and Public Art.
Some of Keith Haring’s works are Street Art because he carried them out in a performative way, without permission, in public spaces. They might be called Street Art because those works explicitly refer to this public space, they were indeed often tailor-made for their location, and because as a result of their illegality and their union with the each location they were ephemeral, not conceived in time permanently. “Crack is Wack”, however, became a public art mural. It changed its’ status from an illegal, Graffiti-inspired, self-authorized work of Street Art to long lasting Public Art.

I will also introduce my new book book "Banksy -Urban Art in a Material World"

June 16 
11h00 – 12h15 Panel 1
Ulrich Blanché – Book launch: “Banksy Urban Art in a Material World”